Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley in Peru.

Have you heard about the Rainbow Mountain in Peru, or is this new? If you have already planned a trip to Peru, you have probably seen a lot of pictures – one of the most spectacular geological wonders across the globe. On the other hand, the Red Valley is another eye-catching spot in Peru. But the question is, can you visit both spots in a single trip? Or can you make a route to one of both destinations while passing through the other? Of course, you can!.

Rainbow Mountain Peru.

In the recent past, Vinicunca has become a popular tourist attraction, meaning the standard route to the destination may also seem overcrowded. So, to avoid this hustle, many travelers take a less-traveled route and extend their trip with a hike to Red Valley. This way, visiting Rainbow Mountain will probably be incomplete without hiking through the Red Valley.


Also called Montaña de Siete Colores (Mountain of Seven Colors) and Vinicunca. Although visiting this place is among the most important activities in Peru, a few issues make it a spot so scarcely visited, even though it is just fifteen minutes from the most visited spots. The platform to view the astonishing scenery of Rainbow Mountain sits at a high altitude, making the trip quite difficult. The travelers wishing to take the hike must be well-prepared in advance.

But don’t worry, because we have got your back. To avoid any unpleasant experience and to bring every detail into your knowledge, keep reading so you can be prepared for the hike and enjoy the scene to the fullest.


The Vinicunca, or Rainbow Mountain, is located at almost 3 hours drive from Cusco, in a remote region of the Peruvian Andes. It is among the Ausangate Mountain and Vilcanota Mountain ranges, which is 6384 meters high, the highest mountain in the whole Cusco area. 4600 meters above sea level, the hike to the colorful mountain starts, while the viewpoint is located even higher – at 5200 meters above sea level. Although Rainbow Mountain has an eye-opening view, the surroundings are unexpectedly equally astounding.


The marvel of Rainbow Mountain has just been revealed in the recent past. But you might wonder how it was hidden in the former decades even though these rainbow colors cannot be avoided. Well, the answer to this question is somewhat unexpected – global warming…

Almost five years ago, the ice on Rainbow Mountain melted, causing it to reveal its colorful stripes underneath. Since then, the hikers and travel guides walking the Ausangate Trek started to notice the newly exposed attraction and disseminated pictures of their experience worldwide. Now almost 1000 people visit the astonishing spot every day.

Red Valley Hike.

No doubt Rainbow Mountain deserves the puff, but it is not the only delightful attraction in the surrounding. Instead, just a few hundred meters from this mountain, the Red Valley offers jaw-opening views. A narrow trail through the Red Valley can take you to a different world of beauty.

Just as the name suggests, the shades of red overwhelm the enthusiasts; however, the mixture of astonishingly lush green patches of grass with red shades looks amazing and makes it another picturesque spot. So far, the Red Valley has the right reasons to be included in your Cusco itinerary.

You need to divert your route to 2.5 hours through Red Valley while you hike to Rainbow Mountain instead of walking through the standard way – you will never regret this decision!

How to get to Vinicunca?.

To get to Rainbow Mountain in Peru, you must take a bus from Cusco. The journey takes around 3 hours to the trailhead. Once you arrive at the Rainbow Mountain trailhead, you must begin your hike up the mountain. This can be a challenging hike, so make sure you are prepared before starting. The round-trip hike takes around 6 hours to complete, and you can take several different routes.

What to expect when you arrive?.

When you arrive at Rainbow Mountain, you’ll be greeted by the vibrant colors of the mountainside. The first thing you’ll notice is the rocks’ red, orange, and yellow hues. You may also see some llamas and alpacas roaming around.

The best time to visit Rainbow Mountain is in the morning when the sun is just starting to hit the mountainside. This is when the colors are at their most vibrant. You’ll want to bring a camera to capture all of the beauty.

Be prepared for a bit of a hike. The trail to Rainbow Mountain is about 4 miles (6 km) long and can be quite steep in places. But it’s worth it when you reach the top and see the incredible views.

If you’re planning on spending more time in Peru, Rainbow Mountain is a great place to start your adventure. There’s no other place like it on Earth.

Best time of the year to visit Vinicunca.

The best time of year to visit Rainbow Mountain in Peru is from May to September. The weather is dry and sunny during these months, perfect conditions to hike the mountain. Additionally, the crowds are typically smaller during these months as well.

Tips for visiting.

When visiting Rainbow Mountain in Peru, it is important to be prepared for the high altitudes. The mountain is over 16,000 feet above sea level, so altitude sickness is a common issue among visitors. Drinking plenty of water and taking it easy when hiking to the top of the mountain is recommended to avoid altitude sickness. It is also important to wear layers of clothing, as the temperature can vary greatly throughout the day.

Sunrise is the best time to catch a glimpse of Rainbow Mountain, as the sun hits the mountain just right and creates a truly magical scene. However, sunset is also a beautiful time to visit, as the colors of the sky change and create an incredible backdrop for photos. No matter what time you visit Rainbow Mountain, be sure to bring your camera along to capture the beauty of this natural wonder!


Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley are astonishingly beautiful tourist attractions in Peru. Although Rainbow Mountain is quite an alluring sight, the spot has been scarcely visited since discovered. If you plan to visit Rainbow Mountain, you must take the route through Red Valley, and you will see some of the most amazing sights in the world! It takes nothing more than some physical fitness and a few extra hours of traveling.